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Eve Blazo- What is Art?

September 13, 2009


Eikoh Hosoe, “Embrace 70” 1971

ART is beauty. When one makes art, one declares something beautiful. Even in the most grotesque or disturbing works, the viewer is asked to relate to the creation by finding some kind of pleasure and humanity. At its best, art is the universally human experience of the sublime, of being in awe and fear of overwhelming and unknowable beauty in one’s own self and that infinitely larger than one’s self.

Art is transcendent in that it takes us beyond our tangible realities and into the mind of the artist by allowing us to briefly see/hear/smell/touch/taste through another’s eyes. Works considered more “artistic” based on skill, technique, or nationality, are merely the result of people in power with certain motivations beyond pure subjective human pleasure.

Fundamentally, art is emotional, and thus a human-connector.

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