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1 – Charis Loke: What is Art?

September 14, 2009

Art is a vehicle, unfettered by medium, for conveying and arousing any amount and manner of thoughts, emotions, statements, questions, and intentions, which are not necessarily wholly the artist’s own. It is given meaning and value by both the artist and viewer (or non-viewer). According an element the title of ‘art’ associates with it a set of meanings and preconceptions (for example, proficiency in a medium/technique, creativity, distinction from ‘normal’ elements) specific to the culture and context in which the element exists, was made, and was viewed.

Callesen - Down the River (Papercut)

Callesen - Down the River (Papercut)

Its ability to evoke strong feelings in people means that art is often a contentious subject (and prone to being discussed in convoluted language); an example would be the debate on whether mastery of technique, or intention alone, or both, make something ‘art’.

The element of craftsmanship, both in the artwork itself and in the conveyed meaning, is traditionally associated with art, and while not ubiquitous, often makes for a more fulfilling experience for the viewer and artist.

Callesen - Down the River (Detail)

Callesen - Down the River (Detail)

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