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1-Katie Glerum: Art is Art

September 15, 2009

Art is art.  It is something that someone puts in the world to be art.  It is expressive and aethetically something–pleasing, revolting.  Whatever it is, it evokes feelings and provokes discussions.  An artist can create art or can take something thats not art and make it art.  On a tour of a friends house, I noticed her bicycle hanging and I called it art, because it was hanging where one might hang some piece of art.  She corrected me and told me that it wasn’t art, it was just where she hung her bike.  So its not art, at least to her.  However, the only thing she would have to do to make it art, is call it art.  If she was riding it, it might be become a bicycle again, but if its hung on the wall to decorate, or add something aesthetic to the room, it would be art.

For example in this attached clip of lady gaga, she walks into a press conference with a mask covering her face.  It causes a commotion because people aren’t quite sure why.  But after she calls it art it seems to make sense.  But before she called it art, the people there did not recognize it as art.  In order for something to be art, one must claim it as art.

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