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Elizabeth Karin – What is art?

September 15, 2009
by Ryan Taylor

Splash of Color taken by Ryan Taylor

Art is the physical manifestation (performance, painting, sculpture, drawing, etc.) of an idea or concept that the artist wants to share.  The artist may have a specific concept in mind, but the beauty of art is that there are no limitations on how a viewer can interpret a piece of artwork.  A viewer is given a window into the mind of the artist and the concept he or she wanted to convey yet has the freedom to find a different meaning.  Art is about having the freedom to express yourself, whether it be a personal, political, or controversial thought, and can often times be the only means of sharing an idea that’s otherwise hard to express.  Evaluating art brings people to the task of finding their own definition of beauty which is such a subjective idea that draws on personal experience and beliefs.

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