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2 – Charis Loke – T-Shirt Designs

September 16, 2009
Limited Edition - Headline Shirts

'Limited Edition' - Headline Shirts

Yes, we’re not cool.

I like how this shirt pokes fun at the increasing commercialization of and demand for ‘indie’ designers, by those who find it desirable to project themselves as shunning ‘overcommercialized’ brands and items in favour of ‘marginalized creative types’. Being part of a select group of people who are aware of and can identify a certain artist’s work is fun, if only for the sake of being able to know something that the general public doesn’t, to feel special and distinct. An example of that would be Shepard Fairey’s Obey Giant street art work; the response by people unaware of the motif of such images, and the response by those who know what it is all about, would differ. (Unfortunately Fairey’s work is becoming increasingly commercialized – you can find Obey Giant stickers on sale at the mall)

But we can still read, even if we’re not cool, which means we can ‘understand’ this shirt:

You Look Funny Doing That With Your Head - SnorgTees

'You Look Funny Doing That With Your Head' - SnorgTees

The design interacts with the viewer in a circular way – the viewer may (consciously or unconsciously) rotate his or her head in order to view the design more clearly, which turns out to be a commentary on that action itself and therefore the viewer. It makes for good fun and conversation-starters, although, as all such t-shirts go, wear at your own risk.

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