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Mila Owen – Business ‘Cards’

September 17, 2009

cardPencardThe function of a business card is to make sure people remember who you are and how to contact you. I liked the idea of a photograph because it is the most succinct way to express my personality. My brown e-mail address is the only text because it expresses my profession as a student, contains my full name and is the best way to contact me since I am really bad at answering my phone. I also like the simplicity of this because at this stage of my life my career goals are largely undefined and the fact that I am a Brown student says a lot about what I am doing and thinking at this point. I did not make it square because most people that I exchange contact information with do not have wallets, much less business card holders, so I did not feel it was necessary to follow that form. This line of thinking led to my second idea of a pen. Most people store information electronically, rather than on paper and are more likely to hang onto a writing implement than a piece of paper. Besides, who doesn’t like a free pen? I also love fountain pens and think they convey something of my personality (impractical but romantic perhaps?) and purple is my favorite color.

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