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Elizabeth Karin – business card

September 17, 2009

businesscardI really wasn’t sure what I wanted to show on my business card because I have always associated having a business card with having a profession.  My sister got her first business card that says “doctor” on it; my father’s declare that he is a lawyer.  It seems like business cards are about labels and categories.  I don’t know yet what label would apply to me, just as I’m sure a lot of other students can’t say for sure either.  As of now I am a work in progress, hardly sure of my concentration let alone my professional label, so that is what I wanted to represent myself as on my card.


This card is kind of a mish-mosh of what I do and what’s important to me.   I played around with a lot of the photoshop filters and options and tried to incorporate the Gestalt principle of closure.

And here’s a t-shirt from threadless that I thought was funny (corrupting an old childhood toy):

My Little Outlaws - threadless

My Little Outlaws - threadless

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