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Emma Whitford: Business Card and T-Shirt Love — One Fell Swoop

September 17, 2009


My business card is a combination of show and tell. I literally show myself (in a perhaps less-than-flattering light) and tell the possessor of my card what I am about in a 2.5″ x 3″ biography. I tried to use the line of my gaze as an example of continuation, drawing the viewer’s eye from my slack jaw to my phone number and middle name. My middle name is my favorite name, and, especially now, helps to distinguish me from all the other Emma W’s out there. Harhar…. I also played with proximity by multiplying myself and overlapping identical images. I have no idea what business I might find myself in a few years from now, but right now collecting seems pretty attractive!

And now a t-shirt:

"Conservation Status" -- Threadless

"Conservation Status" -- Threadless


Let me preface this with a confession: I have never been that into Threadless. I had low expectations leading up to this assignment. However, this particular shirt caught my eye right away. I love that the image fills the whole space of the t-shirt without looking crowded or messy. I am always drawn to splashes of color and the simplicity of silhouette, as detail and print on clothing takes a long gaze to interpret. The message of the shirt is funny and clever—the statement that humans tend to rank the importance of living creatures is anything but harsh. I also like that the humor of the shirt increases from top to bottom, developing into a joke when read with a natural scan of the eyes.

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  1. timnassau permalink
    September 17, 2009 4:42 am

    Your business card reminds me of the cover of a Dan Deacon album. Awesome!

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