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Eve Blazo- Business Card

September 17, 2009


I am thinking about perception.

When I first meet you and give you my business card, you imagine things about me (and about the image on the card) without having the full knowledge of who I am. Your perception of me from this card is based more on your own expectations and previous human interactions than my identity apart from your judgment (yet what is my identity without your perception, or what I assume you perceive, to create it?)

I took this photograph while flying over California. The actual image I took with my camera was not able to reproduce how the land looked with the naked eye nor how I desired it to look.  Photoshop allowed me to construct how I perceived the land, and further, how I wish the land had looked. Overlaying the image, I included multiple copies of a Sylvia Plath poem entitled “Mad Girl’s Love Song.”  Plath describes how our world is construed by our eyes alone and when we close our eyes it disappears (“I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead”). She’s implying that humans construct the world and ideas (art/science/religion) emotions (love) as narratives that assign meaning to life.  These narratives are entirely unique to each of us given our inherently different perceptions (“I think I made you up inside my head”). Plath is considered mad, but really she’s just seeing through her own eyes. Or maybe we are all mad. Nevertheless, you imagine me and I imagine you and the world (etc) goes on without us.

I am expressing that a single card cannot represent the multitudinousness in each of us. Yet this ritual persists. Playing along, I give you my card knowing you will see things in me and the image that I cannot see or didn’t intend for you to see. This is the thrill of creation.

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