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Rocio Bravo- interesting t-shirt design

September 17, 2009

“Deforestation” by Rick Crane. threadless.comshirt1


I chose this t-shirt because when I was browsing online trying to find an article of clothing that really stuck out, I kept coming back to this design and the message printed on front. I am not a fan of many of the quirky messages written on today’s t-shirts, like “Your boyfriend thinks I’m hot;” however, I am a fan of the more serious messages that take a stand on different policies or events, such as the War in Iraq or Genocide in Sudan. For that reason, I found this shirt particularly interesting. While it clearly gives an image of the harm we are doing to our earth by using up our resources at such a devastating rate, it does not say anything about deforestation; in fact, is doesn’t say anything at all. I find this to be an interesting approach to expressing personal views while not explicitly saying what they are. Ultimately, I feel it creates a healthy interaction between the person wearing the shirt and the viewer because the shirt simply states the facts without imposing a stand.

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