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Charis Loke – Tshirt (non)possibility

September 22, 2009

While staring at my sketchbook over the weekend, I realized why I’ve always actively shunned any form of art class: requirements and deadlines. It’s much more complex than those two words, of course, but I’ve been rediscovering what a pain it is to try to come up with proper ideas to be presented to others in the middle of an art burnout.

Still, requirements will be requirements, and assignments will be assignments, and I suppose this is all part of the ‘pushing yourself’ part of college. This will not be my final t-shirt design, but it is one of the ideas I had that actually saw the light of Photoshop, which is pretty sad, considering this wasn’t exactly a ‘new’ drawing either.

What does it mean to ‘obey art’? Is it to follow your inner muse? To go where your artistic proclivities take you? Or follow conventions of art set by others, or choose to rebel against them for the sake of rebelling (and the ensuing feel-good factor)? Do you stay true to your own art at the expense of, perhaps, public acceptance, growth, exploration? What is art, anyway?

Because It Says So

Because It Says So

Come to think of it, I don’t actually know why I ever drew this in the first place. This must have been the effect of staring at too many Shepard Fairey paintings.

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