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Tim Nassau – Final T-Shirt Designs

September 23, 2009

I apologize in advance for posting the two T-Shirt designs I already put up with two new ones… I feel, though, that as this is ultimately the final product of the assignment, it’s nice to be able to look over everything in the same place, plus it’ll be easier to send a link to my grandmother who’s pretty computer illiterate.

So here are the two already up. More information on them can be found by the intrepid blog voyager willing to wade back a few pages:T Shirt 5

T Shirt 3

And here is the first new one: T Shirt 6

This video is essential context for the shirt:

My friend told me the story of a Minnesota woman who shot an albino deer. He found this highly evocative and wrote the screenplay for an animated movie about it entitled “Shoot the Freak” (so this shirt is essentially plagiarism…). I feel the font I used is reminiscent perhaps of a carnival style Old West shooting show. Beyond comments on hunting, I think the story speaks of tolerance and how we treat difference in general.

The deer on the shirt was actually white to begin with! You can access the original picture here :

And my final T Shirt:

T Shirt 8I really wanted to do one shirt that had to do with a book, and since I’m taking a class on James Joyce, who better to use? Though I’ve never read “Finnegans Wake” (who has?) I think Joyce would appreciate the word play, and though I like the way this turned out visually, I was aiming for some comment on a novel all about sleep and dreaming: How could someone reading such a circular book endlessly possibly sleep when they are most likely being driven mad with frustration?

Hope you guys like these, and I for one am excited to be able to wear them!

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  1. September 23, 2009 3:01 pm

    It could be a sun door too which the scared artist finds himself trapped between two worlds. A stranger in both, shuttling back and forth between ungained realities.

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