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Amanda Lee-Facebook Tee (#3)

September 24, 2009


Tshirt 3 front


Tshirt 3 back

I was procrasinating and started looking through my facebook friend list, and I realized I had not spoken with about 300 of my ‘friends’ in over half a year, since I left high school. And about 30 of them I had never even met or talked to virtually or face-to-face, people who had added me or who I added because of similar ‘network(s)’. I found this extremely ironic… and kind of sad.
 This brings up recent debates surround social networking sites. I wanted to address the following questions:  How effective are social networking sites? Do they bring people closer together? What message do social networking sites send out about the importance of popularity? 
I wanted to create an ironic/humorous tee shirt that juxtaposed ‘virtual reality’ with actual reality. 

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