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Charis Loke – T-shirts

September 24, 2009

To consolidate my earlier post, this was the first real t-shirt mockup I came up with. Nothing more than a scan of a drawing with editing and texturing in Photoshop. It was made on a bad art day for me, which might explain the pedestrian quality of the design, which is meant to be printed at the bottom of the shirt, aligned to the right seam.


The next day, I found an image of a feather online in class, and decided to play with it.

This is the original image:

A Single White Feather

A Single White Feather

Duplicating and translating it in Photoshop, I came up with the following B&W design.



After I’d added colour to it, I realized that it was pretty static, so I decided to cut things up a bit. This was meant to explore how the human eye and consciousness treats objects as a whole group – even though the design is fragmented here, you can tell roughly how the original looked like, and you’re more likely to perceive it was a whole.

Final Design

Final Design

…come to think of it, this actually looks a LOT like Photoshop/Illustrator CS3 where feathers are a huge thing in the theme e.g. in the loading and welcome screen, icons, etc. Maybe it’s a manifestation of how much I miss CS3.

The third idea I came up with was when I was thinking of how convenient it would be for someone who had a sore throat/flu/loss of voice to have a shirt to facilitate…normal conversation:

The Convershirt

The Convershirt

Both the wearer and the viewer would be able to interact with the shirt, which is an example of how art can facilitate connections between people.

Once one is familiar with exactly where the phrases are located on the shirt, imagine how much fun a conversation would be. Poke. Poke poke. Shrug. Excited poke. Poke poke poke.

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  1. brownfoundations permalink*
    September 24, 2009 12:55 am

    AHHHH I want the poking shirt! But imagine if the wearer is ticklish!?!?! just a can of fun waiting to be opened -Johanna

  2. brownfoundations permalink*
    September 24, 2009 2:03 am

    Re: the feather T-shirt –
    What I really like about this is that the final image is more evocative of an actual bird than the image that you started out with.
    I also second Johanna’s comment.


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