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Emma Whitford Shirts

September 24, 2009
playing with trace

playing with trace

In the above design I tried to simplify my entire thought process. Rather than scan in sketches, I traced a photograph of a license plate and inverted the colors. I am a fan of repetition, and believe in the window-display rule (groups of three are pleasing to the eye). The play-on-words I used in my original mock-up is presented in a much cleaner way.

More sinister version of first mock-up. (Channeling fish blood).

More sinister version of first mock-up. (Channeling fish blood).

Final design

Final design

The red and black design is in stark contrast to my simplified shirt. I chose to make my original mock-up more sinister, emphasizing the danger of relying too heavily on the catfish market in Alabama. I have a distinct memory of watching my grandfather butcher a fish when I was very little, and the blood reds stand out in my mind. However, I believe that the harsh reds make the design a little too busy. I like the stark black and white of my original fish idea. ——-

After hours of agonizing over more complicated designs, I whipped up this last one in a few minutes. However, I feel that it is the most aesthetically pleasing of the lot. I like the idea of a catfish farm “rising up.” The image of catfish ponds and two grain silos is turned into an upward-pointing arrow.

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