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Lauren Armstrong – T-shirt

September 24, 2009

I decided to spend my time really getting focused on the idea of sustainable home design. Sustainable home design is something that I’ve been really interested in for a while now. In order to begin to design a t-shirt for this idea, I thought about how sustainable home design is percieved. After a little research on the internet and talking with some friends, the general consensus was that sustainable home design is not really in the fore front of our news these days and is often associated with hippies and tree huggers. When one thinks of sustainable homes they think of either really expensive new technology, or living in a tree stump. Well, why aren’t there more advertisements for sustainable home design?? If only we could make sustainable homes something that is chic and state of the art, the people who are willing (and able) to spend lots of money on “being cool” will spend their money on more eco-friendly homes. So, my next thought then was to see if there was a way that I could use a design on a t-shirt to make sustainable home design look “cool,” look desirable. Then I thought of how important symbols are in our society and in marketing. For example, recycling has a symbol that is unviersally recognized and is easy to discuss because of it’s prevalence. So, my t-shirt design is a take on the recycle symbol and an attempt at making sustainable home design a more widely discussed topic.sustainable home design 2 copy

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