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Charis Loke – Andrew Loomis

September 30, 2009

Since we’ve gone into drawing now, I’d like to blabber about Andrew Loomis (one of my art heroes) who, in my opinion, wrote some of the best books on how to draw. Unfortunately hard copies are almost impossible to find now, but there are online scans of them (loose pages) and in PDFs.

I like his approach to drawing because he emphasizes actually understanding how nature works, like observing how light plays out on the subject and using shades to flesh out the object, compared to, say, other books in the market which focus a lot on formulaic approaches to drawing (a horse is made up of two large circles, rectangles, etc).

His philosophy – to learn to draw is to draw and draw and draw – is something I find very dear to my heart. It implies that everyone can draw well, not just draw, as long as they work towards it, and which means that learning to draw, learning art, is not confined only to those who have formal art training (although that may help as well).

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  1. leila permalink
    September 30, 2009 12:41 pm

    This is really helpful, Charis, and a great supplement to the assigned reading. I am a novice draw-er, and I just sort of draw what’s there without any method … I really appreciate the text and demonstrations!

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