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Rebecca McGoldrick – Response to Benjamin

October 22, 2009

My first thought, even from section I, was Warhol. I cannot ignore what Benjamin is saying, but I do think that replicated works can have a different, and sometimes stronger message than there originals. “One might generalize by saying: the technique of reproduction detaches the reproduced object from the domain of tradition. By making many reproductions it substitutes a plurality of copies for a unique existence. And in permitting the reproduction to meet the beholder or listener in his own particular situation, it rectivates the object reproduced.” I think this exerp sums up how I feel about reproduced art in three sentences. Warhol lends new purpose to mudane objects like a soup can. But when the soup can is mass produced, it makes a new statement of mass consumerism and familiarized objects. Marilyn Monroe was (and still is) a world sex icon, and by placing a bunch of replicas of a print of her on a single canvas, it shows that she is just a face to many, a mere subject of the eye. I think replicas are highly important to the survival of art, and should be valued in a different light than there originals, but maintain an importance of their own.

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