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Self Portrait – Ethan

October 27, 2009

self portrait

I went to town in the MML with the wacom tablet. I traced in Illustrator, then brought the image into photoshop to give it some color. Half of my face is filled with white space because I don’t believe I know enough about myself to accurate portray my own character. (Also when I drew all of those lines, it got to be a little crowded.) The squigglies on the side are meant to look like a heart monitor, going in one ear and out the other.



This was the original photo I worked off of. Leigh was kind enough to take it for me.


I hope it’s okay I submitted this assignment in the form of blog post, I figured it would be better than making a crappy print out from my printer. I would like to figure out how to print off of the MML’s nice photo printers on good paper at some point.

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