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Charis – Cut-Out Comic

November 12, 2009

I wanted to create something that people could take away physicallyfrom the newspaper they read daily (and chuck away 10 minutes later) but not actually use. Each cut-out comic features things that are ostensibly used in real life and would also be made out of paper in reality, like stamps and coupons and guides, but with content that is too fantastical to be of any use.

Among the ones not uploaded are a Guide to Fantastical Critters (in case you cross paths with a Squg on the way to the VDub) and instruction manuals for operating Buttons of Doom, as well as antique-style advertisements.


This one features stamps that one could tear out and use, assuming one still keeps the antediluvian art of mailing letters alive, and refuses to have the Post Office stick their newfangled barcode stickers on one’s envelope. Since some stamps are illustrated using the engraving technique, and because a lot of comics appear to be done in a rushed, hurried way, I decided to use an illustrative style which closely mimics that which one might get from an engraving (e.g. constant width lines, swelling strokes, creating shade through thickness of line). The actual drawing is much finer than what’s on screen, though. Everything besides the illustrations was purposely kept simple and careless to further emphasize their detail – something which would also presumably contrast with other comics on the same sheet.

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